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How to participate in IDO

The Complete Step by Step Guide to the Arkania App
Our Arkania web app is designed to make this a breeze, with all the functions that you will ever need to participate in IDOs and stake, right from a single point. While the app has been created to be self-explanatory, we still believe that a guide can come in handy.
Accessing the Arkania App
To access the world of innovation inside Arkania, you need to head over to Make sure that you are using the right URL at all times.
The page displays all details of different projects and services that Arkania offers. Split into 4 different sections (Active Pools, Upcoming Pools, Launched Pools and Staking), you can select your preferred category from here.
Connecting Wallet
Arkania is a non-custodial IDO launchpad and therefore, users will have to connect their wallets directly, working as both their private wallets and log in.
Head to the top right option on the Arkania app page and tap on the “Connect Wallet” option to do so. Although any compatible online wallet can be connected, we recommend MetaMask as in our opinion it is easy to operate and has the flexibility to use different blockchains within one wallet.
Clear KYC
Once your wallet is connected with the Arkania app, you will be able to see the wallet address, your ANIA balance and the blockchain you are currently connected with.
Under the wallet details, you will notice the option to verify yourself (KYC). Arkania has partnered with Fractal ID, a decentralized ID verification platform that you can pass the KYC verification.
Clearing KYC is mandatory if you want to take part in IDOs. Using a Fractal ID means that you only need to go through this process ONCE and not every time you want to participate in an event.
If you pass the KYC verification process with Fractal ID and you still see "Pending Verify now" in top right corner, click on "Verify Now" one more time to actualize webhooks with the Fractal. Once you see "Approved" you can continue.
Stake ANIA
While KYC is not compulsory for users to clear if they only want to stake ANIA, it is recommended as without KYC and staking, you cannot take part in IDOs.
Head over to the “Stake ANIA” option and the Arkania app will show you details of staked tokens (if you have any previously), the APY and the option to stake/unstake ANIA tokens. Tapping on the “STAKE ANIA” button will give you a popup that will show your balance and let you decide how much you want to stake or unstake.
Don’t have enough ANIA or want to stake more? Check out this guide on how to buy ANIA from Pancakeswap.
Staking Tiers
Arkania believes in crypto inclusion for all. We have developed an anti-whale mechanism that deters large volume buyers who would otherwise have the ability to manipulate token prices and be detrimental to the project.
The three-level tier system ensures that participants, be them individuals or firms, have the same level playing field and at the same time, small investors can also participate:
  • Atmosphere: Stake 10,000 ANIA for $250 worth of a ticket in an IDO.
  • Stratosphere: Stake 20,000 ANIA for $500 worth of a ticket in an IDO.
  • Arkanosphere: Stake 50,000 ANIA for $1,000 worth of a ticket in an IDO.
You only get ONE ticket per staking, even if you exceed the 50,000 ANIA limit.
Select Your Project
Once you are logged in and have cleared your KYC, you can click or tap on the list of projects in the “Upcoming Pools”. You will be displayed all projects that are lined up for launch on Arkania.
You can browse through all the upcoming IDOs and see the important details, including an overview of the project, the IDO details such as:
  • Token price.
  • IDO start and end dates.
  • IDO goal.
  • IDO progress (if active).
  • Web and social links of the project.
On the right side of the project details, you will notice a “PARTICIPATE” button. If you find the project interesting and want to take part in the IDO, this is where you want to click.
Participating in IDO
Arkania Protocol has a whitelisting process before you can join in on an IDO (not to be confused with Fractal ID KYC).
Once you tap the “PARTICIPATE” button on an upcoming IDO, you will be taken to the IDO form, where you will need to enter basic information about yourself such as:
  • Full name.
  • Registered email address.
  • Telegram handle.
  • Twitter handle.
Agree to the terms of service by checking the box and then you will be able to tap on the “Submit your application” button.
Buy IDO Tokens with a Ticket
Each upcoming IDO will have details on the exact date and time it will be open for whitelisted participants. Once the IDO has started, you can use your ticket to buy the project tokens. Make sure you have enough funds in BUSD (the exact token you can use to buy into the IDO will be in the project details)
When an IDO starts, the project is moved from the Upcoming Pool to Active Pool. Simply head to the Active Pools section and use our funds to buy the project tokens (note that you have to have the exact amount as it’s your ticket worth).
Please note that while relying on the staking tiers does guarantee you a spot for the IDO, participation is based on a First come, first serve basis.
Post IDO
Once the IDO is closed, all lucky participants who are successful will be able to claim the project tokens in their registered wallets.
Participating in Next IDO
There may be several IDOs lined up on Arkania at any given time. Once you have participated in one, you will always have the option to take part in another IDO.
During all this, you staked ANIA will remain and you will not need to re-stake as they are still eligible for a ticket.