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Our native ANIA token is launched and we are proud of our patrons, who have shown immense interest in the token. Our mission is to make Arkania a next-generation IDO launchpad, but that doesn’t mean that it has to end there. There is a lot more in the plan at the moment that will integrate different activities and services, enabling our platform to become an all-compassing platform where every crypto activity can take place.
To this effect, we just launched Arkania’s staking pool. The pool is designed for our loyal users who have invested in the ANIA token. Holding our tokens is good but ultimately you need to be rewarded for this and our staking pool is just the answer. Initially, we launched the single asset staking pool for ANIA, where you can deposit your acquired tokens and earn a handsome reward on it. Through this, you increase your ANIA holdings passively, and also staking gives you access to the IDO app.
Don’t forget the more you stake, the more you earn! Right now the APY is 100%.